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Central Gippsland Health Services upgrades to advanced imaging capabilities

Case Study
Philips CT MarketingPhilips HealthcareUSA

Central Gippsland Health Services upgrades to advanced imaging capabilities



Central Gippsland Health Services Sale, Victoria

Mr Michael Coleman - Chief Radiographer

Mr Simon Waixel - Chief CT Radiographer

Dr Kelvin Stribley - Radiologist


Challenge: To become the Gippsland Region's Leading Medical Imaging Provider


Solution: Philips Brilliance CT 64-channel with Essence Technology


A leading regional health centre in Victoria, Australia, Central Gippsland Health Services covers the vast Wellington Shire area with a population of 42,000. The organisation provides a number of services to the local community ranging from acute needs including emergency services and operating theatres to radiology services, orthopaedics, neurology and oncology.


Central Gippsland Health Service also claims one of the largest regional Medical Imaging Departments in Australia with over 8 clinicians operating the imaging tools available which include: CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Mammography and MRI. The Gippsland staff provide 24-hour on-call care to the local medical specialists ensuring patients can be treated quickly from the local hospital or transferred immediately to Melbourne.


Recently, the Medical Imaging Department further solidified their leading edge innovation with the installation of Philips' Brilliance CT 64-channel scanner - a first for an Australian regional health centre. The decision to upgrade to this system was a strategic move by the Health Service to include Cardiac CT capability.


The Philips Brilliance CT with clear cardiac benefits has allowed the CGHS to provide high quality coronary images to the region's heart specialists. Previously cardiac patients would have to travel long distances to Melbourne to undergo necessary advanced imaging scans. Medical Imaging Department Head Michael Coleman illustrates the benefit of installing the new CT for the local community.


"We are very fortunate to be able to offer the Cardiac CT service to the local community. This system offers considerable and immediate improvements to our patients by decreasing the cost and time to travel to Melbourne for scans, decreases their radiation exposure and also provides an overall faster scan time."


Brilliance Workspace Delivers Superior Improvements

The Brilliance Workspace CT user environment is a breakthrough in addressing the primary challenge facing multi-slice CT users today: managing the large datasets generated by large-volume acquisitions, while increasing the time to diagnosis. The powerful CT capabilities help improve productivity and patient care by enabling powerful performance and leading image quality.


The Brilliance Workspace provides an innovative and flexible user environment- developed specifically for multi-slice CT. Nearly all planning, scanning, visualization, and archiving can be done at the scanner console. Most of these functions, including additional reconstructions, are also available at an Extended Brilliance Workspace located away from the CT console. The Brilliance Workspace enables the fullspeed scanning so critical in high-demand environments, freeing the scanner as soon as the scan is complete.

Mr Simon Waixel - Chief CT Radiographer

Chief CT Radiographer Simon Waixel found the system delivered benefits to their workflow from day one with an intuitive user interface.


"Training our team on the new workspace and interface was far easier than we ever imagined. We were able to bring our staff up to speed in a matter of days making it the easiest transition to a new system I've ever experienced."


They have also witnessed a positive increase in the number of patients they see from the area who no longer have to travel to Melbourne.


"We see up to 20 patients a day on the Brilliance CT scanner. The new workspace and advanced diagnostic capabilities of this scanner has allowed us to significantly increase our throughput and provide more detailed studies for our clinical partners than on the 10-channel scanner, particularly cardiac."

Dr Kelvin Stribley - Radiologist

Dr. Kelvin Stribley, the Head Radiologist at CGHS has also experienced similar improvements from the Brilliance Workspace's new functionality, especially for cardiac reconstructions.


"The workspace is excellent particularly the vascular package. The carotids, intracranial and abdominal vascular is vastly superior and the peripherals with the plaque characterisation is very useful. The workspace is 10 times faster than our previous system."


The Brilliance Workspace offers:

  • Efficient work environment that develops volume rendering, MIP and MPR into a real-time, responsive application


  • Logical Guided Flow graphical user interface to increase productivity through important ease-of-use features


  • Real-time data inspection using Philips-exclusive CT Viewer for clear, crisp images fast for diagnostic confidence


  • Maximum user flexibility for viewing, performing advanced clinical applications, filming, or reporting


  • Integrated reporting packages allow radiologists to quickly and easily create and transmit reports to the referring physician


  • CT user environment developed especially for multi-slice CT


  • Scalable platform for growth and future applications, making Brilliance CT a secure, long-term investment


  • Comprehensive support in every season of system ownership



Image quality refinements with Essence Technology

Essence technology is a unique, proprietary combination of X-ray tube, detector and reconstruction innovations. These advancements enable a high level of performance in neurovascular studies, coronary artery imaging, pulmonary imaging and critical care.


X-ray tube

The Philips MRC X-ray tube facilitates the spatial resolution, stability and reliability for Multi-slice applications.

  • Segmented Anodes - Multiple predefined expansion slots increase reliability during rapid heating and cooling that occurs during today's fast gantry rotation and high power multi-slice studies.


  • Spiral Groove Bearings - A specialized herringbone design enables virtually motion free, stable focal spots for ultrahigh resolution and eliminate tube heat delays via direct anode cooling.


  • Smart focal spot - Dynamic focal spot motion doubles the number of projections and improves in-plane spatial resolution (up to 24lp/cm).


Nano-Panel Detector

Philips leadership in future-proof detector technology continues with the miniaturization of detector components.

  • Scalability - Each Nano-Panel module contains 16x16 detector elements for 1 cm of coverage. The Brilliance 64- channel CT with Essence technology aligns four modules to create 4 cm of coverage.


  • TACH 2 Technology - Improved image quality at low dose is achieved by minimizing the electronic noise.


  • Ultra-High Resolution - For better definition of small structures, this mode provides 24lp/cm of spatial resolution.


RapidView Reconstruction

Reconstruction speeds benefit from advances in processing technology by employing Intel'sT Quad Core processors.

  • Cone Beam Reconstruction Algorithm (COBRA) - True 3D cone beam reconstruction is necessary to maintain virtually artifact free images.


  • Adaptive Multicycle Reconstruction - Philips adaptive multicycle reconstruction algorithm reduces cardiac motion by optimizing the temporal resolution for every voxel in the dataset.


  • Ultra High Resolution Matrices - This exclusive feature takes advantage of the high spatial resolution, enabling recon matrices of 768x768 and 1024x1024.

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Aug 2, 2010

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Case Study
Brilliance 64-channel
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